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Executive Coaching Exploration Session

Discover for free how we will work together to reach your goals.

Service Description

During your Executive Coaching Exploration Session, we will engage in a discovery process to understand how we can best work together to co-create the outcomes you desire most. The Exploration Session is at no cost to you. The Exploration Session is for your benefit and to determine not only if coaching is right for you, but also if I am the right coach for you. This will be a 45-minute hybrid session, in which we discuss the coaching process, as well as undertake a short “sample session” so you can get a feel for and understanding of the process involved in an actual coaching session. What Is Executive Coaching? • Executive coaching is a powerful tool for both individuals and the organizations they lead. As one of the most in-demand professional development tools today. It is a forward-thinking investment in leadership that can empower high-potential individuals like you to achieve greater success • Executive coaching is a professional development tool that consists of one-on-one using thought-provoking discussion to guide and support you through professional challenges and opportunities. • These sessions help you improve critical thinking and problem solving, strengthen leadership skills, expose blind spots, and change limiting behaviors and beliefs. What Executive Coaching Is Not: • Coaching is not consulting. Coaching supports clients by guiding them through critical thinking to improve their ability to problem-solve independently. • Coaching is not Therapy. Therapy is quite different from coaching in that it is a profession geared toward diagnosis and treating mental health. Who Is Executive Coaching For? • Business Owners • CEO’s and all C-Suite level individuals • Senior Leadership • New Leaders • First-Time Leaders • High-Potential Individuals (Those being developed for leadership positions) Click “Book Now” to schedule your Executive Coaching Exploration Session!

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Denver, CO, USA

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