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About Andrew

Passionate About Inspiring Others

Founder, Andrew Parr, is a Coach, Advisor, Consultant, and Business Leader with 30 years of experience.  His education includes a BA in Psychology and History from the University of Wisconsin along with a JD from Mitchell Hamline School of Law. Andrew is a Certified Coach through the Coach Training Alliance, Certified Independent Color Code Trainer, and a Member of the International Coach Federation (ICF), Project Management Institute (PMI), Right Question Institute (RQI), and the Advisory Board for Customer Experience at The Leeds School of Business at the University of Colorado Boulder

Andrew’s areas of focus include understanding how people show up for themselves & others, critical thinking & questioning, organizational skills development & efficiency, implementation of strategy, tactics, process & policy deployment, and recognizing individual potential, talent development & retention.


Andrew resides in Denver, Colorado, with his wife Jody and their dog Cooper.  His professional experiences include work across multiple national markets.  Andrew believes strongly in volunteerism and giving back to his community.  As such has served as the Past President of the Board of Directors of the Rocky Mountain Chapter of the National Scleroderma Foundation in support of the Foundation's mission to advance medical research, promote disease awareness, and provide support and education to people with scleroderma, their families and support networks. 

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